MilaKrasna is a fashion-forward brand of bodywear and pole wear apparel. Our line of bodywear highlights your beauty and sensuality, while remaining sophisticated and empowering. We craft our high quality materials into exquisite garments with technical perfection.

MilaKrasna is a rising authentic Slovenian brand. A brand which is developing a new concept of pole dancing apparel with an emphasis on design and technically faultless production. Throughout the MilaKrasna brand, there is an underlying influence from dance aesthetics, inspired by ballet, such as the potential use of underwear as an outer piece. In this way our bodywear is a modern harmony of sports aesthetics and sophisticated allure. Our fashion-oriented brand aims to highlight the power of women’s sport through feminine sex appeal in a unique and playful way.

All garments are designed, manufactured and produced in Slovenia / EU.

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