Carly Jane

We often ask ourselves what lies ahead? What will the future bring? These are uncertain times, but we need to stay strong and empowered more than ever before. Future is out of our hands, but deep inside you know you have a strong influence on what will happen. Here’s a script, a wishlist we wish for you.

You will wake up every morning feeling good. Regardless of the weather you will run your morning routine with ease and joy. After washing you face with the goat milk and almond soap and before a delicious fruity breakfast you will stretch, because stretching means waking up every inch of your body. Put on your favourite leggings and let your breathe dictate your moves. Spend a wonderful day with your colleagues, friends and family and do something that scares you. Return to the safe haven of your home and bring your dance moves to life. Remove any excess clothing and jump into your ZARJA bodysuit. Take the dance pole with passion, epowerement and focus. Dance. Feel. Work. Your day will finish with a wonderful dinner, a glass of red wine and some deep music. Good night and feel excited; tomorrow is another chance to win.

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