In the early November we have hosted our brand ambassador Anastasia Skukhtorova in Ljubljana for a quick video & photo shoot and two of her favourite workshops, that were welcomed by the best of Ljubljana’s pole dancers.

Wanting to create a dance yet fashion video we have teamed up with the Lupit pole. Together with the director Miha Likar the story of a dancer, her rituals, and poetic moves came in the front line. For the location of the first MilaKrasna video we have chosen an old majestic sports hall, with the touch of history the frames just followed each other into a whole. The elegance of the moves and mysterious dynamic rhythm brought us the atmosphere that speaks for itself.

The day after the video shoot Anastasia visited MilaKrasna showroom and studio – the place where visions are transformed into sketches and sketches come to life as exquisite pieces of bodywear. We have introduced her to the working process, showed her new materials and designs in the making, she has also picked out her favourite colour, which will be used in a special set – what will it look like is still a top notch secret… Anastasia was amazed by the handmade production, and a rare witness to the making process of MilaKrasna bodywear. She got to see a creation of polewear set from scratch to sketches, and the production part, where the little pieces of fabric come together and form an outfit.

Welcome behind the scenes of this long yet fruitful procedure, it takes a lot of effort, but in the end, the joy of participating in something beautiful is self-rewarding.

Swipe through our gallery and get yourself mix and match tips by Anastasia Skukhtorova, shot and styled in MK headquarters, a candy store to bodywear lovers!

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